2016 Feature: Remmie

connie and remmieConnie Fair, owner of Remembranz “Remmie,” brought the tall and beautiful Holsteiner to Rick several years ago because of some behavioral issues. Rick introduced Remmie to exercises that required him to think and become involved in what was being asked of him. Remmie liked the change and developed into the equine partner he is supposed to be!

Connie is a lovely rider and progressed well with Remmie. Aware of Remmie’s potential, Connie was anxious to see him back in the show ring and asked Kari to bring him there. In 2013, Kari showed him in 2nd Level and began teaching him flying changes in order to compete in 3rd Level as well. Remmie did a wonderful job and helped Kari earn her USDF bronze medal that summer!

In the meantime, Connie made the decision to move out of state to be closer to family, but she wanted Remmie to continue his training with Kari and Rick. So, in 2014 they were in the show rings once again! The season was a great one, and in October, Kari and Remmie found themselves competing in Kentucky at USDF Finals in 2nd and 3rd Levels! There, he earned yet another “9” on his halt! Connie is always excited to hear the Remmie updates, and Kari hopes to have super ones for her soon in 4th Level and Prix St. Georges!