Our Story

KariRick2014aFinalKari and Rick share a vision for training informed by over three decades — each — of experience. Working side by side, they’ve developed key exercises that greatly improve horses and their riders.

Kari, an accomplished rider, heard about Rick’s success with natural horsemanship and worked with him to help her fix issues with her talented mare. With Rick’s help to reconnect horse and rider, Kari and her mare went on to earn five US and Canadian National Top Tens in Dressage. Since then, Kari has incorporated the training program to develop soft and correct dressage on many happy horses.

Rick believes in the intelligence and ability of the horse to mentally connect with the rider. He does not believe in repetition as the only way to train a horse.  Countless times, clients watch amazed as horses relax in Rick’s training program, often understanding the point of the exercise for the very first time. Whether trailerloading, bridling, riding, trimming, or showing– horses that Rick has started (or restarted) become soft and connected.

The gift that Rick and Kari give to owners is simply this– they share their knowledge and skillfully prepare riders to better communicate with their horse (whether on the ground or in the saddle). Lessons are engaging and transformative for both horse and rider.

Rick and Kari are a powerful and talented team who care equally for the dreams of the owners as they do for the well-being of the horses. Once they teach you to establish that connection with your horse, the sky is the limit!